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Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology (3DS)16.02.2018 
Bayonetta 2 inkl. Bayonetta 1 Download Code (Switch)16.02.2018 
The Longest Five Minutes (Switch)16.02.2018 
The Assembly/Perfect VR Standard (PS4)15.02.2018 
Theseus VR Standard (PS4)15.02.2018 
Blackhole: Complete Edition (PS4)15.02.2018 
Secret of Mana (PS4)15.02.2018 
Monster Energy Supercross (PC)13.02.2018 
Overcooked! (Switch)13.02.2018 
Kingdom Come Deliverance Special Edition (PC)13.02.2018 
Kingdom Come Deliverance Special Edition (PS4)13.02.2018 
Kingdom Come Deliverance Special Edition (Xbox One)13.02.2018 
Dynasty Warriors 9 (PS4)13.02.2018 
Monster Energy Supercross (PS4)13.02.2018 
Dynasty Warriors 9 (Xbox One)13.02.2018 
South Park - Der Stab der Wahrheit Remastered (Xbox One)13.02.2018 
Dragon Quest Builders (Switch)09.02.2018 
Under Night In-Birth - Exe: Late [st] (PS4)09.02.2018 
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late Standard (PS4)09.02.2018 
The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia (PS4)09.02.2018 
Portal Knights (Switch)08.02.2018 
Shadow of the Colossus - Standard Edition (PS4)07.02.2018 
Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition (PC)02.02.2018 
Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition (Xbox One)02.02.2018 
EA Sports UFC 3 (PS4)02.02.2018 
Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition (PS4)02.02.2018 
EA Sports UFC 3 (Xbox One)02.02.2018 
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (PS4)30.01.2018 
Sparc, Standard30.01.2018 
Goldgräber Simulator (PC)26.01.2018 
Railway Empire (PC)26.01.2018 
Axiom Verge (Switch)26.01.2018 
Axiom Verge (PS4)26.01.2018 
Monster Hunter: World (PS4)26.01.2018 
Railway Empire (PS4)26.01.2018 
Dragon Ball FighterZ (Ps4)26.01.2018 
Railway Empire (Xbox One)26.01.2018 
Dragon Ball FighterZ (Xbox One)26.01.2018 
Monster Hunter: World (Xbox One)26.01.2018 
Pokémon Kristall-Edition (3DS)26.01.2018 
Rocket League Collector's Edition (Switch)25.01.2018 
The Inpatient PSVR24.01.2018 
Lost Sphear (Switch)23.01.2018 
Lost Sphear (Ps4)23.01.2018 
Stern Pinball Arcade (Switch)22.01.2018 
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker´s Memory (PS4)19.01.2018 
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (PS4)16.01.2018 
DOOM - Virtual Reality Edition (PC)31.12.2017 
Quake Champions (PC)31.12.2017 
Seven: The Days long gone (PS4)31.12.2017