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Axiom Verge (Switch)26.01.2018 
Axiom Verge (PS4)26.01.2018 
DOOM - Virtual Reality Edition (PC)31.12.2017 
WWE 2K18 - Standard Edition (Switch)29.12.2017 
Cities: Skylines (Xbox One)29.12.2017 
LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 (Switch)29.12.2017 
Vegas Party (PS4)12.12.2017 
Fallout 4 - Virtual Reality Edition (PC)12.12.2017 
Vegas Party (Switch)12.12.2017 
Lumo (Switch)11.12.2017 
Spellforce 3 (PC)07.12.2017 
Deathwing: Space Hulk Enhanced Edition (PS4)05.12.2017 
Deathwing: Space Hulk Enhanced Edition (Xbox One)05.12.2017 
DOOM - Virtual Reality Edition (PS4)01.12.2017 
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)01.12.2017 
The Binding of Isaac After Afterbirth (PS4)30.11.2017 
Black Mirror (PC)28.11.2017 
Black Mirror (Xbox One)28.11.2017 
Nintendo präsentiert: New Style Boutique 3 – Styling Star (3DS)24.11.2017 
Let's Sing 2018 mit Deutschen Hits (Switch)24.11.2017 
Outcast - Second Contact (PS4)24.11.2017 
Outcast - Second Contact (PC)24.11.2017 
Outcast - Second Contact (Xbox One)24.11.2017 
Hidden Agenda (PS4)22.11.2017 
Singstar Celebration (PS4)22.11.2017 
Die Sims 4 - Standard Edition (PS4)17.11.2017 
Tricky Towers (PS4)17.11.2017 
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Switch)17.11.2017 
Star Wars Battlefront II (Xbox One)17.11.2017 
RiME (Switch)17.11.2017 
Pokémon Ultrasonne/Ultramond (3DS)17.11.2017 
Star Wars Battlefront II (PC)17.11.2017 
Skyrim - Virtual Reality Edition (PS4)17.11.2017 
Star Wars Battlefront II (Ps4)17.11.2017 
Die Sims 4 (Xbox One)17.11.2017 
LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 (Xbox One)16.11.2017 
LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 (PS4)16.11.2017 
L.A. Noire (PS4)14.11.2017 
L.A. Noire (Switch)14.11.2017 
MXGP 3 (Switch)14.11.2017 
L.A. Noire (Xbox One)14.11.2017 
Die Sims 4: Hunde & Katzen (PC)10.11.2017 
Need for Speed - Payback (PS4)10.11.2017 
Need for Speed - Payback (PC)10.11.2017 
Need for Speed - Payback (Xbox One)10.11.2017 
Snipperclips Plus - Zusammen schneidet man am besten ab! (Switch)10.11.2017 
Sonic Forces (PS4)07.11.2017 
Super Lucky’s Tale (Xbox One)07.11.2017 
.hack//G.U. Last Recode (PS4)07.11.2017 
Sonic Forces (Switch)07.11.2017